Just A New Jersey Kid With A Guitar

After seeing him in concert here in Salt Lake, Speaking Eagle knew Adam Melchor was going to be the next big thing.

Adam Melchor live on the Dodie 'Human' Tour at The Depot on Sept. 30, 2019.

Jose Anaya

Adam Melchor live on the Dodie 'Human' Tour at The Depot on Sept. 30, 2019.

Jose Anaya, Staff Writer, Multimedia Specialist

He has a degree in Opera, yet cast it all away for folk-pop.

It’s Adam Melchor.

Adam Melchor is an American musical artist, born and raised in New Jersey.  His first release, The Archer, was a single released October 16, 2017, and his latest single, I CHOOSE YOU, was released November 20, 2019.

Adam Melchor

“If everybody in the world
Was standing in a line
And I could talk to anyone
Wouldn’t waste nobody’s time
Cuz I choose you”

After his latest release, I decided that it is honestly one of the best songs that Melchor has made in terms of style and content with more unconventional sound bites added in. Most of his songs are about either his familial past or past personal relationship, which has lead to dynamic emotional songs that come through with a sadder melody. However, I CHOOSE YOU is a simple love song and it’s very cute and ‘lovey-dovey’. The whole premise of the song is choosing someone. Which is pure, simple and leads to a warm feeling. It’s catchy and repetitious like his other songs, but the song has more of a pop feel than his usual folksy nature.

Adam Melchor

“This is how you turned me to the archer from the arched
This is where you turned me to the marksman from the marked
This is how I learnt how to take the arrows in my back
And shoot them at the stars”

This sadder folksy nature is exemplified in The Archer, also a love song, gives off amazing melancholic vibes. It portrays how he wished he had more time to tell the people he loved, that he loved them. He talks about the loneliness that comes afterward, and how it can eat away at the person making wish they had more time to be with them. The song shows how inaction can affect a person’s character to make them more active. As Melchor says “This is how you turned me to the archer from the arched.” The Archer’s use of long drawn out and soft vocals with the echoed effect of the instruments manage to portray the message’s tone perfectly.

Adam Melchor

“I  think we’re better off without it
One day we will laugh about this
Mighta left the windows cracked
Mighta left the keys on the dash
I’m  not even mad about it
We know we’re gonna live without it
Wish we took it for a joyride before the joy died”

And then moving on to yet another song we can see how Melchor can manage to be melancholic in a completely different way by adding notes of hope and joy to accentuate how although the past may be said and done, we should appreciate it for what it was. As explained by Melchor, when he performed before Dodie at the Depot, Joyride blends two stories from his past. The first is an almost comical instance when his families’ old pickup truck was stolen and returned by the authorities, surprising everyone who marveled that the thieves had gotten the rundown truck to move. The second story is about a more serious affair, that was the separation of his parents, and yet Melchor is still able to give the song a hopeful and understanding tone. In the song, he demonstrates that he understands that things don’t always work out the way you expected, but that sometimes that can become better. And this is a thought that Melchor has carried throughout his life, and to see such honest emotion implemented into his music is incendiary.