Thanksgiving: A Useless Holiday

An opinion on a waste of time


Thanksgiving was a celebration of the Pilgrims and Native Americans being friends, until about a week later when the Pilgrims killed the Natives. Now, what does one even do on Thanksgiving? You cook a turkey. That’s it, the whole celebration. You just gather every member of your family together and eat a lot of turkey, some potatoes, and all kinds of other food. Then, you do the same thing on Christmas, just without a turkey. There are presents involved for the suffering, making it a superior holiday to say the least. What do you for Thanksgiving? You just eat; there’s nothing else to do. You don’t get gifts or presents,. Thanksgiving is just turkey.

Sure, you have a few awkward conversations with strangers who are blood-related to you but, let’s be honest, neither of you know each other and you won’t see one another until the next ritualistic turkey killing. Stores don’t even bother to put up decorations for Thanksgiving and what they do put up are just more turkeys or Pilgrims or Native Americans, but that’s beside the point. Thanksgiving is only an excuse for a break from school. Honestly, it’s useless.

On the other hand this is one of the oldest celebrations in American history. It’s literally been around since the very beginning of the country. Plus it is about something fairly noble, that being the fact that all of the pilgrims didn’t die. If those pilgrims didnt get help from the Native Americans they likely would have all died off. The main appeal of Thanksgiving is seeing family you may not always see, and Turkey if you like Turkey. Honestly that is the only part of Thanksgiving, most people are thankful for, family. It’s the only reason I even bother to celebrate it, and honestly its the only thing worth celebrating.