Thanksgiving Becomes Much Easier

Thanks to gourmet and affordable restaurants, Thanksgiving can now be stress free.


With these restaurants, be served your thanksgiving meal without the hassle.

Imagine, It’s finally turkey day, and the house is buzzing with people and food. The little cousins are running around, causing mayhem, while the older family members attempt to put together five different dishes together without burning the massive bird in the oven. It feels like there are 12 things all going on at once; Thanksgiving becomes the picture of chaos. If this scene looks familiar, it might be time to test out the wide array of restaurants and buffets serving stress free, delicious Thanksgiving meals.

Going out to eat for Thanksgiving takes away the precarious hours of cooking, as well as the hassle of clean up, all while giving the family more time to reconnect and while making some fun memories.

Cafe Niche is an excellent Thanksgiving buffet option. They serve turkey and prime rib, and some creative spins on thanksgiving side dishes. While its a little pricey at $45 for adults and $25 for kids, The food is so delicious you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, with mouth watering food and quality family time.

For families with a blended palate, Log Haven is the perfect choice for a good Thanksgiving dinner for all. They serve the traditional options of a Thanksgiving meal, while also serving vegetarian and nontraditional food, such as gourmet salads and alternatives to turkey. A great option for diverse diet families wanting the stress free thanksgiving.

Ruby’s Inn, at the Canyon Diner, is delicious and affordable. They include a vast Thanksgiving buffet. they also support those wanting to go against the traditional norm and have a good ribeye steak instead of a dry turkey. Ruby’s Inn is also offering a specialty desert; A Dutch Apple Pie Cheesecake, sure to make the whole family satisfied.

Butcher’s Chop House is the place to go for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. From potatoes to stuffing and pumpkin pie, this restaurant is a great choice for families wanting to be served heart warming classics at a fairly reasonable cost.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the most affordable and accessible pre-cooked Thanksgiving meal, KFC is offering their own Thanksgiving turkeys for $40. Pick up a side of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, and you got yourself a KFC thanksgiving.

Whether your having a traditional meal in the comforts of your own home, or going out for a stress free turkey dinner, its bound to be a good thanksgiving with family and quality food involved. For families wanting to avoid cooking, waiting, and cleaning up, dining out on November 28th is an excellent way to spice up Thanksgiving.