The Final Countdown

The dreaded week in school has become easier and less stressful.


Ashley Hemmersmeier

Beth Spigiel writers her feelings regarding finals and how they used to be ran.

Walking into school at nine am with time to get coffee and fifteen minutes before your first finals test, but you didn’t have time to study properly because the schedule was out late yet again.The finals schedule has changed this year, making it easier to test. Students know when they are taking place, December 18-20, and they are with a familiar teacher and the same classroom.
Each and every year, students stress and wonder about finals. When will they be? Who will be the proctor? Instead of a season of joy, finals have been giving students a lot of stress. “I think the changes make more sense,” senior Omar Al-Jaafari said. “I think it creates less confusion because people are so used to their schedules.” Now with the changes we are able to know what day our finals are and even though we have to stay the whole day it’s given us more time to prepare.

Ashley Hemmersmeier
Students in Mr Daniel Sontums class working hard and studying for upcoming classes.

As a teacher it’s difficult to go around multiple times to your classes which are spread across the school to answer questions. From a student’s perspective, whenever a question pops up the teacher isn’t usually there and it takes time away from the test itself. “The new final schedule should be great for the teachers,” Mrs Ashlee Mckray said. “It was difficult for us to get around to all the classrooms to answer questions, and check on students with the old final schedule. This way, we can have the autonomy to run each final the way we intended for that specific class.” The teachers now will be able to answer their student’s questions and they will be able to test each class the way it needs to be.
Math has always been known to be the longest and hardest final. It always took place on the last day and it was the longest final. “We are excited about the new schedule for finals,” director of facility Drew Trost said.“This new set up will make the 3 days of finals run much more smoothly. Students will be taking finals in their classes and with their teachers.” When asked about longer finals he said, “All finals will be 75 minutes long. Teachers have made adjustments to their finals to accommodate this amount of time.” Trost concluded. Finals this year are laid out and are going to be much easier to understand than they have in the past.
Mr. John Colosimo has been the head of classes and finals for years, and he has heard the cry for change. Not only students but teachers have also struggled with how finals have been set up and how they needed a change. “Well the administrative council and administrative chairs were talking about the finals and their frustration was having to give out there test to someone else when they would rather be there with their students,” Mr. Colosimo said. “And so they kind of talked about some ideas but I just created the schedule from 1A to 2B because that gets you all 8 classes.” Mr. Colosimo concluded. The new schedule is much easier and less stressful for both the students and teachers.
Overall finals have finally changed and they are changing for the better. With only 16 days until the first final is handed out.