A Traditional Holiday

Students at JD share their Thanksgiving Customs


Zaira Diaz

This is a picture of some traditional thanksgiving foods.

Zaira Diaz, Entertainment Editor

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Most families celebrate Thanksgiving with traditional foods, or have their own traditions that continue year after year. These are just a few traditions students at Juan Diego associate with on Thanksgiving day.
Although many may eat different types of food on Thanksgiving, many families just stick to the traditional things.“We are really chill on Thanksgiving, my mom did something wack one year and tried making ‘veggie loaf’ but it ended up looking like dog food,” Sophomore Morgan Rutledge says, “Now we are lazy and have Harmons make us Thanksgiving dinner and we usually put up our Christmas tree the day after and watch Charlie Brown movies,” Rutledge finished. “My family and I have had the same meal every year together, the traditional turkey, stuffing, pie, etc.” Sophomore Lexi Blackett says, “Other than that, Thanksgiving is very special to me because I get to spend a day with my family and every year we go Black Friday shopping at night.” Lexi finished.
“Every Thanksgiving my family gathers at someone’s house and we all eat food and spend time together,” Freshman Mireya Sombrano says. “I wouldn’t say Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but I still enjoy it because it’s a time where we all get to relax and appreciate each other’s presence,” Sombrano finished. The presence of family is the most important thing during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Culture can make the way you celebrate holidays slightly different and more unique. Either eating Mexican staple foods like tacos and pozole or watching Charlie Brown movies the day after Thanksgiving. The presence of your family and friends is what makes the holidays even more special, no matter the circumstance.