A Stellar Review for Outer Worlds

The next great project from Obsidian since Fallout: New Vegas went beyond the high expectations.


Fans of First-Person Shooter RPGs finally got an installment set in space.

Action, adventure, and anarchy.

Where else could you find such a harmonious concoction of these ingredients than the Halcyon Solar system?


The Halcyon system is where the 2019 RPG Outer Worlds is set. When the failure that was Fallout 76 came out, fans of this series were desperate for a hero. That is when Obsidian studios announced this game. Although it is not the next installment of lore for the fallout series, it certainly feels like a spiritual successor.

Obsidian studios developed what is largely regarded as the best installment of the Fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas. This is why fans not only had high expectations but solid faith that Obsidian could make a great game.

Turns out, their faith was not undeserved.

From the get-go, we are introduced to a very friendly character creation kit that includes presets for people who don’t want to go deep into customization, but also provides that complex option as well. This is also a prime time to talk about the unique graphics of the game. This is a high-resolution game with a vibrant color scheme, and although it uses incredible detail in character facial design, it contains the same kind of charm that the older Fallout: New Vegas had. The characters often feel junky with animation, but when offset by the excellent story and character writing, each NPC feels thoughtful and quirky.

Outer Worlds includes an expansive character creation kit based off elements from Fallout.

The story is enjoyable, as it follows a ‘spacers’ journey as they are released from cryostasis. (Cryostasis? Isn’t that how fallout 4 started as well?) You have the choice of whether to help the scientist who freed you or turn him in as the wanted criminal he is. See, the Halcyon system is ruled by ‘The Board’, a group of corporate leaders who are descendants of the first colonists who arrived at Halcyon. The entire government of the system is based on capitalistic businesses, and throughout the game, you must keep your relationships with each in check. Overall it’s an innovative game that quenches the thirst of fans of the genre. My only scruple is that the game was too short compared to the past fallout games. It definitely is a long game but held up to the standards of the genre, it was a bit underwhelming.

Gameranx gives a weighted pros and cons list for the game as apart of their series of ‘before you buy.’ we highly suggest that you check it out if you are interested in purchasing this game.