#TEAMTREES race for 20,000,000

With the earth running low on time does this effort mark a change to the prior imminent course?


Jose Anaya

Screenshot of the #teamtrees donation website.

Mr. Beast

With carbon emissions at an all-time high and world governments seemingly still doing nothing to stop this. Youtubers Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), Mark Robber, and the rest of the internet have come to offer a solution in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.
Starting with videos released by the two Youtubers on October 25 that helped show off the community’s interest in the project. The videos were the start of a challenge to plant 20,000,000 trees before the end of 2019. Mark Robber put out a video showcasing how trees can be planted using drones and specialized seed packets in areas that people can’t normally access while Mr. Beast showed off how manpower alone can make a huge difference in two days by planting 17,000 saplings in two days. At the end of both videos, it is explained how to continue to plant more trees by donating to #teamtrees.

Mark Rober

Donations can made on YouTube, Facebook or the #teamtrees website.
The team trees website boasts the official count, as of writing this, of 15,136,853. It also showcases exorbitant donations from celebrities like Elon Musk who donated $1,000,000.
When an initiative like this comes along and is being met people tend to become either fired up or complacent and because of that it’s important to keep a focus on it so we don’t think the problem is done and fixed. The best way to keep working on helping the planet is to talk about the problems happening something that our teachers now and encourage as seen in the following quotes.
“The current amount of effort is very small to stall or reverse climate change but it’s a very hopeful effort and I like that it comes from the younger generation and companies and philanthropists because our government does work at a quick pace.”
-Ms. Wyman
“I think that planting trees is always a good thing. and yea it is a Band-Aid initially at least initially it could lead to more awareness and recognition of the trouble our earth is in if they are helping to plant trees and involved in the service if they are helping plant trees and not just donating money that could lead to changes in peoples’ personal life like less single-use plastics.”
-Ms. Bernards
“It’s great to have carbon sinks but we need to stop putting all the carbon in the atmosphere but it’s really awesome what they’re doing we can make a dent in the atmospheric carbon concentration by planting a lot of trees. It has a ton of other benefits too, it shaves the ground, cools the earth gives us oxygen, provides wildlife habitats, restores soil, soil stores carbon, anything that helps people starting thinking about it and involved is awesome.”
-Mr. Gregg
“I think it’s great that people are planting trees, but it has to be a two-pronged approach, we need to make sure that we don’t cut down the trees we already have and then plant new trees.”
-Mr. Ulle