From the Dance Floor, to the Streets of Salt Lake City

What the Juan Diego Silverline Drill team did to give back to the less fortunate in the downtown community


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The Juan Diego Drill team before going to downtown Salt Lake City to give the bags to the homeless

Blankets, Backpacks, and Coats. Those are just a few of the items included in the bags that the silverline drill team handed out to the less fortunate.
This past Saturday, November ninth, the 24 girls on the drill team got together early in the morning to go downtown with a large group of people to handout care packages to the people who need them most. They work with the organization called Bags of Hope which was started by coach Emma Hubners mom. In doing this they gave out hundreds of bags filled with goodies that would help someone who can’t afford to buy items like blankets, coats, toiletries, socks, etc…
“ Doing this service project really opened my eyes,” Sophomore Izzy Bionacci stated, “ It’s really easy to lose yourself in the material things and you don’t realize what is going on with other people who aren’t able to afford things that we take advantage of.” Bionacci finished. All of the girls saw this opportunity as something more than just service hours, they saw it as a valuable learning experience. In doing this service project they realized that the things they use everyday without thinking someone doesn’t have the opportunity to get and they all really changed from doing the service project.
“I’ve done things like this before,” Senior Sage Hobbs said, “ However, this one was different because I actually felt a connection with the person receiving the things, because I got to see how grateful they were,” Hobbs concluded. This service project was really special because the girls got to meet and give the care packages to those who needed them. They all went downtown together by Rio Grande and handed the items out to people all up and down the streets. At the end they all felt a personal connection with the recipients of the bags because they got to see a genuine reaction to them receiving the bags.
“Putting the bags together made me and I think all of us feel a sense of pride,” Freshman Sinai Barba said. “We are all coming together and doing something that will make someone else happy and grateful and it feels really good a rewarding,” Barba finished. For some of the freshmen this is one of the first times they participated in something like this. They all felt good knowing they helped someone in such a big and impactful way, and knew they were part of something that was bigger than them and that gave them a great feeling of pride.
At the end of the day the girls felt really good and united to be part of this wonderful day. They all got together as a team and did something good for people who need some good in their lives. Bags of Hope is a wonderful organization and I highly recommend that you look into them. They do good for people and it will really help people who need it. Also, go do some service and make someone’s day better.