Illuminate Festival 2019 is Lighting up Salt Lake City

The annual arts and technology festival at The Gateway is brimming with creativity and innovation.

The eye-catching, yet subtle, poster for the Illuminate Festival, 2019.

Surrounded by vibrant, colorful lights and brimming with imaginative art, the first steps into the vamped up Gateway’s Illuminate Festival is a wondrous experience to be had. Certainly, when your first greeted by a towering, glowing cricket-robot and lulled by the soft jazz music of a man with a computer for a head, you know your going to have an interesting night.

“The Gateway becomes so pretty during the Illuminate festival, especially at night,” Juan Diego Alumni Mariah Maynes said, “Goofing off at The Gateway is fun enough, but the lights and events make it even better.” The Illuminate Festival is an annual community arts event on November 8th and 9th, meant to celebrate artistic creativity.

“Artists work with technology and use light as their medium, using the city as their canvas to create projection mapped artwork.” Said the Utah Arts Alliance. Visitors are allowed to interact with select exhibits, and become apart of the artists work, creating a personal experience for each visitor.

The celebration isn’t called the Illuminate Festival for nothing, as the theme surrounds light and how artists employ light to create innovative and intriguing works, to how the viewer interacts with the art. The Festival gives guests the chance to see new artistic projects, enjoy live music, and marvel at the vivid displays of light and color that decorate The Gateway. It’s a fun and free experience definitely worth checking out.