Disney Is A Step Closer To Ruling The World

On November 12, a new form of digital streaming service was launched.



This is a picture of the homepage of Disney+. It shows the black look and all the categories.

Marvel, Nat Geo, Pixar, oh my. Disney just came out with its version of Netflix, called Disney+.
Whether you’re a marvel lover, or a Disney fan, Disney+ has something for you to watch. I signed up during my T.A. period, and was shocked by the number of things I could watch. The sleek black design that they chose for a background was revolutionary. The logo in the left hand corner popped with the blue shooting star and white text. One very striking component was how you could select what branch of Disney you wanted to watch. Also, another wonderful aspect is being able to choose any Disney character to be your profile picture.

Ashley Hemmersmeier
Here are just a few wonderful options for a Disney themed profile picture.

Iconic Disney movies were the first movies that I began to look for in the original carousel, but none of the shows were the true originals like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella. Instead, it was some brand new movies I have never even heard of; for example, a live action Lady and the Tramp. I scrolled down and was shocked to see that The Simpsons were also on the site. For anyone who doesn’t know, Disney owns Fox, ABC, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Nat Geo, ESPN, and of course Disney.
Whenever I think of my childhood, the first thing I remember is laying on my mom’s bedroom floor, watching while wanting to be Hannah Montana, or I’d turning on Good Luck Charlie and wish I had a sister who blogged her life for me. Disney has put everything that’s even remotely connected to them on this site. I have been binge watching my childhood shows since, and they truly are the best shows the early 2000 babies have. I also remember being so excited when a movie like Tangled came on. I would record the movie and watch it over and over again, but now I don’t have to wait for an amazing Disney movie to come on.
After taking Film as Lit last year we ended up learning about how Disney was the first revolutionary animation studio. Disney+ shows movies from throughout the decade, and it began with Steamboat Willie, or in other words, the first animated short film. Everyone knows that Disney has so much money, and their animations have been so wonderful because of it. They have added little details, like in Tangled being able to see a reflection through Flynn Ryder’s eye.
If you’re a fan of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, or National Geographic, then Disney+ is a wonderful option and the best way to remember your childhood.