4 Poetry Books to Read

A collection of poems for everyone



Poetry may not everyone’s cup of tea, but here are a few poetry books that can give you an insight into the lives of many people, and even learn more about you. These poems are for everyone.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur
This book takes you through a journey of the most vulnerable moments in life. Rupi Kaur goes into depth about specific events in her life that have traumatized her now or have taught her lessons that she may never forget. The encounter of violence, abuse, and loss is divided into four chapters, each dealing with a different pain.

Note To Self by Connor Franta

Note to Self by Connor Franta

This book gives an insight into the life of a small-town Midwestern boy exposed to a huge internet fan base and battling through his struggles. He speaks about his experience of wrestling through depression, social anxiety, self-love, and acceptance. This book contains letters to his past and future self, poetry, and a wide variety of photos.


A Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by  Tupac Shakur
After Tupac’s death, his most intimate thoughts were exposed when this book was released. The deep, personal poetry gives us an insight into one of the most legendary artists of our time. The books ultimate message is hope, and it is deeply embraced through his spirit and energy given throughout the book.

For Everyone by Jason Reynolds

For Everyone by Jason Reynolds

“For every one person. For every one dream.” This book was a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and was written for kids who dream of doing more. To everyone who is scared to dream because they’ve never seen a dream come true, this is a book for you. It gives an insight into the fear of dreaming to those who believe their passion and hope to dream has been beaten down repeatedly. Jason wrote this book for those who have lost hope of dreaming and gives a leap of faith.