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Download the Keys To Success app on your phone.

Keys To Success App

Download the Keys To Success app on your phone.

In 2018, a study from NerdScholar reported that over 3 billion dollars of federal grant money is left unclaimed because high school students don’t complete the Federal Student Aid.

According to the Keys To Success website, in Utah, there is “over 134 million dollars Utah scholarships” that are available to high school students sponsored from businesses and universities. The Keys to Success program is a great app for students to take advantage of every internship and scholarship in the easiest way possible. 

With every step students make to set and accomplish their goals, students receive extra points in which they can use to invest in rewards and prizes. With over ten years of experience, the program has offered Utah high school students with “over 600 scholarships” which is a “total value of well over half a million dollars.” The program also provides students with unique opportunities and scholarships based on the careers students choose to major in. Juan Diego encourages that students, especially juniors and seniors take advantage of this program to utilize resources and earn scholarships so there is no need to worry about paying for college.

All it takes is 3 simple steps to get started to be a part of the Keys To Success program: 

  1. Download the Keys To Success app and create a new account. Provide your email, name, school and receive personalized notifications.


  2. After personalizing your account, select at most 5 careers that interest you based on your personality traits. Based on your choices, Keys To Success will provide you with unique internships, scholarships, and opportunities. 

          3. Students can discover new opportunities, apply for scholarships, and take advantage of benefits to redeem points for rewards & prizes. 

“Keys to success has been pretty fun. It’s a simple and easy way to keep yourself motivated in the classroom and then receive rewards when you reach the goals you’ve set,” said Senior Laulea Tavake. “There are so many reward options to choose from that it’s worth the time to make goals and accomplish them.”


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