Getting a 36 Just Became a lot Easier

ACT test changes could mean higher scores, and Juniors to Sophomores everywhere are loving it

This picture is of the scan-tron used on the ACT test


This picture is of the scan-tron used on the ACT test

Annie Harris, Social Media and Online Coordinator

Want to get into an Ivy League school but don’t have the test scores to show for it? Well, getting a higher score on the college entrance exam the ACT just got a lot easier. 

At the beginning of October ACT announced some changes they feel will take the stress off of high school students everywhere. These Changes include retaking individual sections, superscoring, and faster results through online testing. These changes wi

This is a picture of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts

ll be put in motion in September of 2020. 

The first major change is being able to retake specific sections. This means that you do not have to retake the entire test to get a higher score. So say you got an awful grade on the science section and it is bringing your entire average down, you can now only retake the science  section as many times as desired so you can get a better grade. 

The second change and probably the most important is superscoring. This is a very new term for test takers who are trying to get into college. ACT is the first people to do this and let’s just say it helps high schoolers a lot. The concept is superscoring is say you take the ACT test four times, of those four different times the score will reflect the highest score you received  on each section from the different attempts you took. For example if you took the reading section four times each and got a 25, 23, 21, and 16 they will take the 25 and add that to your superscore. 

The third and final change is getting faster results through computer testing. Though this change isn’t the biggest, it can be super helpful and relieve a lot of stress. Now students don’t have to wait two to three weeks to get their scores back, they can see their score right there in real time. This new type of testing will be done completely through computers and it came right in time. In the age of technology, we have been expecti

This is a picture of a pile of textbook that would be used in high school.

ng college entrance exams to change the testing type to computers and now ACT is the first test to make this change.


In light of all of the changes people got excited, especially high schoolers who are juniors and below. Now, taking one of the biggest tests of someone’s life, they can go into it with a little less stress than they would before. ACT decided on these changes so high schoolers can be under less stress than they usually are and they did just that. So, starting September 2020, you can take the test with ease because getting into college just became a lot easier.