Contemporary Art in Collective Spaces

Utah Musem of Contemporary Art in downtown Salt Lake City has something for everyone.

Art is something that all people enjoy in one way or another, whether it be traditional and on canvas or paper, sculptures, movies, or music. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is somewhere all of this art can congregate and be viewed at once.

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, connected to the Salt Palace Convention Center, and across from City Creek Mall, the museum is easily accessible to the public. Right when you enter the front doors, you see a gift shop area, front desk, and sitting space. The gift shop sells pottery, prints, jewelry, stickers, and much more from artists in the community. Admission is entirely free, although a five dollar donation is suggested and welcomed.

Ellie Kuehn
Rachel Henrickson’s exhibition, “New/Knew,” drawing from the 1970’s Pattern and Decoration Movement

The gallery starts upstairs in smaller spaces, then moves downstairs into a larger, more open space. As you walk through the spaces, a feeling of calmness envelops you, as you just focus on what is in front of you. While calm it isn’t boring. All of the exhibits are entirely different, ranging from bright colors and patterns in Rachel Henricksen’s “Knew/New”, to the darkroom showcasing Justin Watson’s “A Farewell to Images” which is a series of videos that display psychology in art and technology.

The atmosphere of the museum is very quiet and warm even. With a decent number of people coming in and out, the museum never really became busy, or overwhelming so you couldn’t enjoy the space. There was never any pressure to move too fast or too slow, either, spending just over an hour in the whole space seemed just right.

Ellie Kuehn
“Untitled,” by Jaclyn Wright is a part of the “Abstraction is just a word, but I use it” exhibition

Each exhibit was displayed to show the art in its full potential and effect. Through special lighting and organization of the pieces, it was easy to see that time and effort was put into making each visit worth it, and make everything appealing to the eye.

Being an art gallery, the displays will change with time. The exhibition “Abstraction is just a word, but I use it,” made up of different pieces from different artists, will only be in the space until Jan. 4th, 2020. After that, another exhibition will take over.

The unassuming space offered an incredible experience with tons of art to enjoy and think about. Open Tuesday through Saturday, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is the kind of place anyone can enjoy, and everyone should visit.