BRÅVES: A Musical Experiment

The story and drive behind an obscure band’s music.


Lacey Cintron

The cover photo of one of BRÅVE’S most popular albums.

I remember first hearing this bands music on a Delta airlines flight. It was takeoff, and I was bored and looking through their music selection. Randomly, I chose a song titled Me The Thief. The combined experience of the plane taking off and the song’s unique clash of techno beats and indie vibes blasting through my shoddy airplane headphones ingrained the song in my head. 

The fact that I first found this through an airplane’s music playlist, and could only find it again on another flight a year later, shows just how obscure this band is. This isn’t for lack of quality though, as their music has its own unique appeal. 

“Take three musicians. Conceal their countenances from the general public. Create pop music without an image. Roll it out through a series of beautiful, albeit unnerving videos. Shock the system. Rinse. Repeat.” Said the band, whose three artists choose to remain unnamed and anonymous, to give their music a sole identity that resonates with the listener. 

The artists work to create art through the human voice and sound alongside visuals. The band often compares their music to an artistic social experiment, that gauges peoples reactions and people to think about the true meaning behind their songs. 

For just listening to the music on its own, certain songs seem boring and repetitive, but some songs really hit, and you find that you can’t stop listening. This is what makes the band worth listening to; they have a wide variety of songs, and while their general classification is Indie/Alternative, each song has its own unique spin. 

BRÅVES is definitely worth checking out. A few of their songs are a bit of a snooze, but there is always that one song, or multiple, that you can find a personal connection with, and that just seems to stick in an unexplainable way.

BRÅVE'S most viewed song and video, from Youtube.