Hardly Free Reading

The unreasonable suppression of student reading choices


Story Blocks

A piggybank on top of a pile of books represents the overall concept of the article.

JD Reads is easily one of the most dysfunctional periods in Juan Diego’s schedule. Be it Tack yelling at the students, a phone going off, or some other issue. There is one main thing the school proclaims: you can read whatever you want, yet you can’t read textbooks. Some students have AP classes and want to read their textbook or review books but they aren’t allowed to. This makes no sense. JD, or more accurately the administration, claims we can read anything during reading, but we are told not to read school-related books.

We have about 45 minutes to read books, only leisure books.  Maybe study textbooks won’t reach our 300 word goal but last I checked this isn’t a library this is a school, a blue ribbon school as the administration is so proud to flash at every occasion. They often cancel mentor group (an excellent study hall for most) for a measly 15 extra minutes of reading. I personally have few problems with reading period but I can only see benefits when it comes to reading AP textbooks in reading.

In all honesty, we already have way too much homework and not letting us alleviate some of our stress by studying is just cruel There is just no reason to stop us from reading our study books. Allow me to elaborate on my point of free reading: JD expects us to read about 300 words or so a month This is to improve our reading skills so we can be better readers. The first problem is this: a lot of people don’t actually like being forced to read. There are people who sleep, or fake read, and that’s their choice.

The second problem is that they encourage us to read to raise our Lexile score but books like AP textbooks are usually challenging to read which is incredibly helpful for raising reading skills. The extra bonus is you do better in school because you read books solely about studying, which is the main part of school. Honestly there is no reason to restrict our reading and I hope the administration decides to remove these barriers.