Fifa Finally Fixed

EA satisfies their fans with the best game they’ve released

One word can sum up essentially the last ten FIFA games: identical. EA’s soccer series has been solid and reliable as far as gameplay goes, but has lost a lot of interest due to a lack of changes. Besides improved graphics, changed player ratings, and new minor features here and there, no major changes have been made to any of the FIFA games. This changes with FIFA 20; I dare say this game is the best one yet.

Fifa cover star Eden Hazard on the main loading screen.

The first change I noticed was that the gameplay felt more realistic. More error was added, such as more bounce on the ball and worse ball control. Shooting (AKA finishing) has become more clinical and more realistic. For example, it is much easier to score in a 1v1 situation, but much harder to score from 30 yards out. Defending has also become much more realistic, increasing the amount of skill players will now need to defend. It doesn’t have quite the same feel as the last games from a gameplay standpoint, although the idea of the games is the same. 

New game modes have also been added, such as “Mystery Ball” and “King of the Hill,” but, most notably, Volta. Volta brings back the days of FIFA Street with modes including futsal, indoor, and others. It is a quicker, smaller game, but equally intense as a regular one. This mode serves as a way to showcase skill moves and is a better option if you want to play a shorter game. 

Pro Clubs also received some new changes, including new selectable positions, player traits, and improved visual aspects. My favorite of the new Pro Clubs changes has to be the option to practice. Players can now test out new tactics, player styles, and positions without risking a loss during a season game. This will be beneficial for the players that take this game seriously, as they will be able to practice and improve.

New customization options for managers in Career Mode, including hats and hair.

One big change that I thought to be a negative change was the removal of FIFA’s story mode, AKA “The Journey.” This addition was one of my favorites and added a new, fun game mode that the user was able to connect with more. There were a few good years of this, but unfortunately, it has been removed. Luckily, some features from this game mode have been added to Career Mode, which has greatly improved.

In my opinion, the biggest change and what makes this FIFA the best of all of the new ones is long-awaited Career Mode changes. Some of these changes include being able to select dialogue, such as in “The Journey,” new manager customizations, custom uniforms, and many others. This was a game that many loved, but got tired of quickly because it seemed to stay stagnant over the years. Decisions you make as a manager can now influence the morale of the team and other aspects, so decisions require more thought than in past years. 

Inevitably, people are going to say that this game is the same as all of the other games in the past, but they would be extremely wrong. This new game has very obvious change and these changes impact essentially every aspect of the game. Many new features, game modes, and improvements set FIFA 20 miles ahead of its past counterparts.