From A Sports Journalist To A Novelist, Mitch Albom Is The Best Author


Ashley Hemmersmeier

This is a picture of my bookshelf where I leave a special place for Mitch Albom.

When you walk into a library, you might see some famous authors displayed, such as John Steinbeck, William Shakespeare, or Mark Twain. However, the only truly amazing author that deserves to be on those shelves is Mitch Albom. He went from a sports writer to a novelist known internationally. Albom has sold over 35 million copies of his nine books, and they have been translated into 45 different languages. 

Albom is an amazing author for multiple reasons, but one thing that I found life-changing about his books was how easy they are to read. His novels are written as inspiring and life changing, for the main character as well as anyone who takes the message to heart. I haven’t been the best reader, but three years ago when my brother gave me The Time Keeper for Christmas, I was able to read it in just a few days. I picked up The Five People You Meet in Heaven next and I haven’t found any book since then that was nearly as amazing as that one. It took me a little longer to read, but it kept the same easy flow and avoided using incredibly difficult vocabulary. Without the complex vocabulary, it is easy to interpret the message of his books. When a book is overly complicated, it becomes hard to understand and, even if the meaning is something profound, it is lost. I found myself confused when reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain because it was so complicated and really just went in circles. I had a hard time reading the next sentence because there was no good flow between sentences and the words were so jumbled that you would forget what was being said. In The Five People You Meet in Heaven, it was a million times easier to read because it didn’t have long sentences that were hard to understand. Albom was able to create a book that had a profound meaning, and he had made it understandable to a highschooler.

“Its never too late or too soon. It is when its supposed to be.””

— Mitch Albom

While I find that Albom is wonderful and life changing, he might not before everyone. There are many people who want to read books about wizards, or a man who loves to pet mice. Mitch Albom doesn’t write anything he doesn’t think could happen, but the way he writes them seems as if they could be real. I have heard some people say that Albom writes for housewives, and in that he doesn’t appeal to everyone’s writing taste. Because not everyone likes his writing he isn’t going to get as many people reading his novels. With that said, he has written such different novels that have turned out wonderfully that, even if it’s not your style, it’s like a breath of fresh air of something new and different.

If you ever find yourself without a book to read one day, then don’t be scared to pick up a small novel that basically changes your life. Mitch Albom’s books may be underrated but there’s nothing better than his writings.