Freshmen Girls Soccer

An insight on the new fresh members on the girls soccer team.


2019 JV and Varsity Girls Soccer Team after a game.

The first year of high school, Freshman year, probably one of the most intimidating years of anyone’s life, and playing a sport only doubles the amount of that intimidation. Not only are the freshman players joining a new team, but they are coming on a team filled with upperclassmen who may unintentionally add to the intimidation. On the girls soccer team this year there are four new freshmen on the team. How does being a freshman and the pressures that come with it affect their lives on and off the playing field. 

Upperclassmen are a vital part in every high school sport, especially the seniors. Many underclassmen look up to the seniors who empathize with them because they remember being in their shoes. “ The freshmen are the people who push us to leave our best when we graduate. They show us the future of the program and I couldn’t be more proud. ” Girls Soccer Team Captain Cassie Nelson said, “I think freshman year was about so much more than just lettering varsity, it was a time of finding out about myself. To the freshmen: make mistakes, learn from them, reach out to people, ask your crush out, be smart but have fun in the moment. it ends faster than you’d think.” Nelson said. The upperclassmen on the girls soccer team think highly of the freshman and their role on the team and having the support and empathy of your upperclassmen can really benefit the way you see and play with the team. 

The first summer practice is very important for freshman, because it is the players and the coaches first look at you as a player and a person, which can really impact the way you play. “Over the summer practice I was nervous. I was walking into a group of girls who have known each other for a long time! I’m chill now just had to adapt.” Freshman Girls Soccer player Sunny Wilker said. “ I enjoy playing soccer for Juan Diego. I get treated alright not being abused or anything” Wilker explained. Girls soccer can be a very fast moving game to be thrown into and the freshmen see a lot of that pressure in the game being put on them by their teammates and coaches looking for them to perform. 

The way the freshmen feel effect the teams playing as a whole, especially in soccer where communication is such a key component in playing the game. The freshmen may feel hesitant to speak up due to being the youngest or maybe the least experienced on the team, which in turn affects the whole team. “I think sometimes it does with being the youngest on the team. It’s hard because you don’t want to tell an upperclassman what to do even if you know it’s wrong.” Freshman Girls Soccer player Hailey Mezenen said. A lot of freshmen have great potential and talent, but sometimes it can be hard for them to live up to that, because of the fear of doing something wrong in the eyes of the coaches and the upperclassmen. 

Freshmen will always remember their first year playing high school sports whether it was good or bad, and having the label of a “little freshmen” can make it harder to maintain a positive attitude. The mindset a person has going into the year can change everything, positive or negative. Listening and taking advice from the seniors can really help improve your freshman year. The freshmen have a lot of influence over everyone on the team, contrary to what they might think. So to the freshmen take your first year to learn, have fun, and play your heart out.