Eagle Football Keeps Rolling Forward

Juan Diego easily takes down South Summit High School 31-0

Juan Diegos Jayden Madry stops South Summits running back from his first down drive.

Juan Diego’s Jayden Madry stops South Summit’s running back from his first down drive.

Juan Diego had a huge win in their homecoming game, dominating a strong South Summit side.

Juan Diego had just come off of a massive shutout win against Copper Hills away from home, so had momentum going into this crucial game. “I think the momentum from that game was a good starter for the week but throughout the week we were able to stay concentrated on playing the best we could on homecoming,” Junior kicker Michael Clay said.

The Eagles played a smart game with a heavy focus on defense. “Our defense was lights out great,” coach Tana Vea said. “Our defensive line led by Xavier Carlton and Kemari Bailey are really doing a great job this year.  Others on the Defensive Line include: Kekoa Mataele, Maiko Taukafa, Trace Monson, and Dylan Findley,” Vea continued. The defense didn’t seem to stop all game and was even able to recover a few kickoffs to give the offense an easy time scoring from the redzone. “Our defense set our offense up really nicely giving the ball to us 2 times in the redzone.  Our offense scoring in the redzone gave them more confidence to score on the opening drive of the 2nd Half,” Vea finished.

Juan Diego moments before a crucial sack on the South Summit offense.

Offense played an extremely solid game as well. “Our offense re-gained confidence by having such a short field to score on, that they started scoring on longer drives.  In our first 3 games, our offense would have to drive it 80 yards to score, but we were set up really well that all we had to do was go 10 yards to score,” Vea said. This was the Eagle’s second consecutive game scoring 30+ points, which has been no easy feat, especially playing tough teams without their main quarterback. “We did good adapting to a new quarterback when Justice Brusatto got hurt,” Junior running back Dominic Lewis said. The offense was able to drive up the field easily and seemed dominant against the South Summit defense. “I also thought the offense did better at listening to the coaches and not getting a lot of penalties,” Lewis continued. The offense was able to play an aggressive, yet disciplined game, which allowed them to score 30+ points two games in a row.

Juan Diego played extremely well, despite a rocky start to the season. They intend on making a run in the playoffs and these two past wins were crucial to doing so. Michael Clay sums it up perfectly: “The two big wins were a big confidence booster for the team as we try to continue to make a deep playoff run.”