8th Grade is Too Smart for Middle School

Middle school students, particularly 8th graders, are now able to test into high school classes.


“Sorry, wrong class,” a tall, embarrassed, and slightly confused high schooler says as they walk out of a classroom that included some tiny people wearing unfamiliar uniforms. Little did they know, and would soon find out that this was the right class. For the 2019-2020 school year, middle schoolers from Saint John the Baptist Middle School, specifically 8th graders, have started to join high school classes including math, english, and science, at Juan Diego Catholic High School. This was not something that occurred last year, but was just brought up this year after the agreement between the staff of SJBMS and JDCHS. They agreed on letting some of the 8th graders joining the high school classes because they qualified to and it would satisfy their level of learning. 

The qualification process for the 8th graders was not that hard. It was basically the same as any student taking a placement test to see what classes they are going to get into. The test to see if the 8th graders could join high school classes was taken at the end of their school year last year. If they got a high enough score that passes the middle school level, they qualified to enroll into a high school class. They did this for each subject, as they can qualify for some subjects and not others depending on their knowledge for each subject. The classes that they could join include math, science, and English. 

The high schoolers at JDCHS that have these middle schoolers in their classes have mixed opinions. “I have some friends from last year in my English class,” freshman Nicole Merhi said. “It does feel a little weird having middle schoolers in my class, but it hasn’t fazed me much,” Merhi continued. She had some 7th grade friends when she was in 8th grade last year, and some of those 7th graders are now the 8th graders in her class and she doesn’t really care that much. On the other hand, some high schoolers think it’s kind of wrong to have middle schoolers in the high school classes. “I feel like it’s a bit weird, like it’s an interesting opportunity to get ahead, but it’s not really necessary because you’re going to have to do four years of high school anyways,” freshman Natalia Cyriac said. “I think students should slow down, and not rush so much, there’s not really a point,” Cyriac continued. These two high schoolers reacted in a really good way, while there are probably a lot of others who absolutely do not like having middle schoolers in their classes. 

In the end, both the middle schoolers and the high schoolers are in the classroom for the same reason, to learn and be educated to the best of their ability. No matter how much they might not enjoy each other’s company, they have no other choice than to just accept and live with it.