JD Reads? How??

The execution of reading period is disorganized, but could improved by reading in mentor locations, announcements done in the morning, and grade penalty for not reading.


Getting into reading period is like trying to navigate the labyrinth from the 1986 movie except Hoggle isn’t there to help guide you and somehow it’s more of a mess. Though the concept of a reading period is good and could theoretically benefit students, the actual execution is poorly organized and benefits no one. It would be better if reading period was held in mentor locations, if announcements were done over the intercom in the morning, and if there was a penalty for not reading that affects students’ grades. 

Reading period should be moved to mentor locations because getting in and out of the auditorium takes too long, students in the auditorium either talk, sleep, and barely read. If the reading period were moved to mentor location we wouldn’t suffer from the bottleneck effect that wastes ten minutes of our lives every day. It would also be easier to monitor the students who aren’t reading and are distracting other students. Students that don’t sit on the perimeter of the seat sections often don’t get caught because they are harder to get to. This wouldn’t be an issue in mentor locations because it is such a small group of students and anyone misbehaving could be sent to the auditorium to read with Salts and Dr. Colosimo. It’s also dangerous to have the whole school gathered in one accessible place. If a student or someone else were to bring a weapon into reading most of us would be trapped due to the previously mentioned bottleneck effect. If this were to happen in mentor locations it would be treated as a normal intruder alert and more students are likely to survive. 

There should be a penalty for not reading that affects students’ grades because there is no grade in mentor group and it would help motivate more students to read. The grade should be based on reading at least one book a month and participation points. By putting a grade in mentor group it would not only help motivate students but it would also help their GPAs and of course the revered Lexile scores. Though several students could find a loophole, adding a grade for reading would still be beneficial if many more students become more motivated.  

I know what you’re thinking, “How are we going to give school-wide announcements?” well don’t worry, there’s a solution. Announcements should be done over the intercom in the morning because we’re too rowdy at the end of the day and no one is able to hear. Don’t worry about Speaking Eagle T.V. either. That along with dance announcements and the other various announcements via powerpoint would be shown at the beginning of reading period in mentor locations on the classroom T.V.s to make sure we don’t forget to show them at the end. 

Though we should still have time to read during the day, reading period in the auditorium is just not working out and changes need to be made. If changes to the reading period are not made the program could continue to deteriorate until it is abandoned, and then all of these years trying to get students to realize the benefit of reading would’ve been a waste of time for administration.