JD’s Teachers Favorite Tunes

Faculty share some of their favorite songs to jam to

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JD’s Teachers Favorite Tunes

 Did I make you cry on Christmas Day by Peach Pit 

“Why I love this song, it’s heartbreaking, tells a story, and gets stuck in your brain but in a good way.” Ceramics and Art teacher Jenni Eames said, “The song is about a couple who is growing apart. As with all great art this song is relatable.” Eames said. Listening to this song gives me Indie vibes, a perfect mix of melancholy with a semi joyful beat. 

Coaster by Khalid 

The simple piano tune talks about how previous lovers find a way to move on once they lose their spark. “Should a 40 year old mother of two love a song made by an 18 year old boy? The answer is yes because the song is that good.” Eames said, “This song, Coaster is one I can play over and over again and never get sick of it. Of course it’s about a break up, if you haven’t figured it out, Ms. Eames has a broken heart. This song ends so beautifully, that stage when you’re finally over your ex and you don’t want them back. Plus the song is catchy.” Eames finishes. 

Throw It Back by Missy Elliot 

The throwback One, Two Step is one of the only Missy Elliot songs I really only jammed to, so I was shocked when I listened to her new release. “Missy Elliot has long been a favorite of mine and I love that she has created some new music.” Social Studies teacher Vanessa Jacobs said. 

Faithfully by Journey 

“I have always been a fan of Classic Rock,” English Teacher Parker Lee said, “I think it started with my dad always listening to 80’s music. My favorite bands are Def Leppard and Journey. Faithfully was the song my wife and I danced to for our first dance as a married couple.” Lee finished. 

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson 

Country and Pop Singer Kelly Clarkson has always been one of Mr. Lee’s top favorite artists. “Since she won American Idol when I was in middle school, she has been one of my favorites. Since U Been Gone is one of my karaoke go-to favorites.” Lee said.