Antonio Brown’s Downfall

Another NFL team calls it quits on the wide receiver


AP / Lynn Sladky

Antonio Brown at his first and only game as a Patriot.

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown was released by the New England Patriots on Friday, September 20 after Britney Taylor, his former trainer, filed a civil suit against him just three days after he joined the Pats. 

In the suit, Taylor accused Brown of three different instances of sexual assault, including rape. Another unidentified woman accused him of sexual harassment a few days later. Brown proceeded to send explicit, intimidating text messages to the anonymous woman. This was the last straw for Robert Kraft, owner of the Pats, and head coach Bill Belichick. Brown was released the next day.

This was not the first time Brown was released by an NFL team though. He was also released from the Oakland Raiders earlier this season after he apparently clashed with the Raiders’ general manager, Mike Mayock, and missed multiple practices. 

After Brown’s release from the Raiders, David Carr, brother of Derek Carr (the quarterback for the Raiders), commented, “There’s a relief, honestly, that he [Antonio Brown] might not be there because quite honestly, it’s been better practices when he’s not there.” The Patriots signed Brown that same day.

Senior at JD and avid Patriots fan, Thomas Barbera, believes that there wasn’t enough evidence for them to release Brown. “I think that it was not the right decision for the Patriots to release Brown based on the allegations because there is no proof,” Barbera said. “Granted, there have been many legitimate sexual charges against players and these may be true, but I think society tends to leap to conclusions,” Barbera finished.

NFL Season (YouTube)

At his first and only game with the New England Patriots, Brown scored a touchdown leading to their blowout victory of 43-0 against the Miami Dolphins.

Despite Brown’s tweet about the situation that read, “Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime…”, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, claimed a few days later that “a few teams” in the NFL are interested in Brown. Rosenhaus also claimed that if the sexual assault allegations are resolved, “Antonio wants to continue his career in the NFL.”

So, perhaps we will see Antonio Brown dressed in yet another NFL team’s uniform in the future. In my opinion, his skill as a wide receiver does not compensate for the problematic drama he has caused both on and off the field in his career thus far; I imagine the Steelers, the Raiders, the Patriots, and other prospective NFL teams would agree.