Hello Tea


Jose S. Anaya

A cozy quick place to get a quick sweet fix.

Hello Tea is a fairly new and modest tea spot that has set up shop in Fashion Place Mall.

 The place offers rolled ice cream, Galaxy drinks, and Boba milk teas in a wide variety of flavors. It delivers with good and quick service service with a staff that’s happy to help and point new customers to a fun new experience.

Upon first arrival I’m lucky to see that there is no one waiting in line. As I step into the shallow interior I’m greeted with a cozy and comfortable vibe which was a nice break from the stressful day. As I approach the register I’m greeted by the friendly  staff and place my order, pay. I see the staff worker leave to the back room to retrieve my drink as I look around at the cute relaxing asian aesthetic. Before I have too much time to think I already have my drink less than five minutes after I pay. It’s a fast effective service  for a good price.

I’ve had both the milk teas and the rolled ice cream. The boba milk teas they have are great since they’re neither too watered down by milk nor overly strong with any flavor. The drink comes with standard black pearl boba which are nothing to write home about . The matcha tea they have is my go to and it’s amazing. It is sweetened just enough to not be bitter. The rolled Ice cream is also really good and have a variety of flavors. Not only that but they allow you to mix different flavors too. They roll the ice cream on the cold table right cold table behind the Hello Tea glass right in front of you and although it takes a bit longer to get your ice cream it’s totally worth the experience. The flavors are nice and sweet and the ice cream has a nice firm but creamy texture. Ultimately, I give Hello Tea a 8/10