3 Myths About the Juan Diego Faculty

A few myths made from students about teachers at JD.


Gregg Alex holds a dollar with disappointment because he's unfortunately not a billionaire. Photo taken by me.

Is Mr. Alex a billionaire? Are Ms. Bernards and Ms. Wyman the same person? The students of Juan Diego have wondered all of these for the past few years and are ready for answers. 

Mr. Alex a billionaire? 

My Freshman year I heard this myth over and over again, but really? Mr. Alex, a billionaire? “No, I’m not a billionaire, and no I never sued anyone.” Science teacher Gregg Alex said. When I first heard this rumor, it started with Mr. Alex suing a company, taking it to court, and winning. From the court case, he gained billions of dollars, and started working at Juan Diego as a science teacher. Unfortunately, Mr. Alex has denied the myth. “Although I never really heard about this rumor, I’ve heard students saying that I have my own pot farm,” Gregg Alex said, “I do have a big yard, and I do like to garden, and I like to live ‘close to the Earth’. But I ain’t growing any pot!” Alex finished. Do we believe him? 

Are Ms. Bernards & Ms. Wyman the same? 

This rumor was mostly passed around last year’s sophomore class. Ms. Bernards and Ms. Wyman both teach Science classes at Juan Diego, including Biology. Both teachers look very similar, and students claim they speak the same and act the same. “Miss B and I sound the same and we say equally geeky things,” Science Teacher Nikki Wyman said, “We look similar, we are about the same height, we have the same first name, have similar glasses frames, love reading, and we have nerdy senses of humor,” Wyman said. Ms. Wyman and Ms. Bernards both used to co-teach classes together which is where students noticed that their teachers were weirdly the same. This myth stays a mystery till this day.