Animated Monday

JD kicks off homecoming week with a cartoon costume contest.


Walt Disney pictures opening from Inside Out (2015)

Lights, Camera, Action!

Homecoming is here and classes have come to win. This year, judges picked ‘nominees’ from each class, and voted on who would win the prize, fittingly being an oscar.


Freshman class candidates

The freshman class put a lot of effort into this day’s theme, with some honorable mentions being Matthew Chiazzese being Fred Flintstone and Nicole Merhi as Jonny 2×4 (and plank) from Ed, Edd n Eddy. However, Jacob Galang definitely showed off with his costume as Russell from Up, which cemented his win.

Sophomore class candidates

The Sophomores decided to bring in Minnie Mouse, Perry the Platypus, and Tinkerbell for their group, but Haley Hickman as Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts stole the show.

Junior Class candidates

Junior class had a diverse cast, with Fred Jones, Midoryia (My Hero Academia), and  Winnie the Pooh. There was also a guest appearance from … a crash test dummy? That was Lucas Mates. Nice try Lucas, better luck next time. Anna Filidore won this round dressed as Simba from the Lion King.

Senior class candidates

The senior class was the hardest to pick a winner from, as everyone here put a lot of thought into their costume. However, Vivian Lundeen shined above the rest with her costume as Darla, the annoying sweet little niece of the dentist from Nemo.

The nominees from each class gathered at the red carpet showcase.

And so the nominees were brought in the great hall for the selection, and the layout went:

4. Juniors

3. Sophomores

2. Freshman

1. Seniors

Vivian Lundeen took this round for the seniors, giving them a headstart on the week. But this year’s homecoming should prove to have some movie twists coming up.