Battle of the Coffee Shops

Savor the differences between the two shops


Famous Starbucks refresher and iced coffees. (Picture from Thrillist)

Venti or 32 oz? Starbucks and Beans and Brews have both been considered rivals for a good amount of time now, and everyone would rather have one or the other, especially a few of the JD students. Both coffee shops have a wide variety of beverages that vary from lemonades to coffee to holiday themed drinks. The Starbucks in front of Scheels, that most Juan Diego students ran to for their daily flavored drink and it has affected their daily coffee runs. 

“I used to go to Starbucks, but the coffee made my stomach hurt because it is more acidic than most coffees,” Sophomore Lexi Blackett said, “I always go to Beans and Brews because their coffee tastes better and it doesn’t hurt my stomach.” Blackett finished. Although some students go to Beans and Brews just for their daily beverage runs, students like Lexi Blackett prefer to go to Beans and Brews for the taste of the coffee. “I really like both coffee shops,” Sophomore Kayla Pelayo said, “I find

Beans and Brews medium and small iced mochas.

myself going to Beans and Brews for the lower prices and because it’s closer to my house.” Pelayo said. 

Walking the halls of Juan Diego, you will either spot a Starbucks cup or a Beans and Brews cup. Starbucks is known for their holiday themed drinks, including their Pumpkin Spice Latte or their Peppermint Mocha. As well as Starbucks, Beans & Brews is known for their “home-like” coffee recipes. Both shops are known for their own unique recipes and are both perfect for daily coffee runs.