Mcgee Sticks with Juan Diego

Mr. Mcgee, a teacher in the Art Department, has decided to stay and teach.


Mr. Mcgee ready to teach his students who are hard at work.

You may have heard the rumors that arts teacher James Mcgee would not be returning to Juan Diego this year. These rumors would only be partly correct, however, as Mr. Mcgee has fortunately decided to stay and pursue teaching here at Juan Diego. 

“I planned on retiring last year to pursue my art full time.” Mr. Mcgee stated. “But I was in New York with family the week after school ended, and I got a call from Dr. Colosimo to meet and discuss the Fine Arts department.” Mcgee continued, “We had a long discussion, mostly about how the department is recognized. After we talked, I decided I was going to stay,” Mcgee finished. 

This was no easy decision, as by pursuing his passion for teaching, his passion for art had to be put on the backburner. But the great thing about teaching art is that every day, Mcgee still gets to practice art and inspire it onto a student’s canvas. “I hate to put my art in the backseat, but my students take priority. I was hired because I both taught and practiced art, as the students get to see and learn from me working, and know that I can make the same mistakes they do,” Said Mcgee. “I can always pick up art, and I still get to be involved by doing different art shows. I decided to stay because I get to teach what I love to do. I do this to show my love for creating.” 

There is no doubt that this was a hard choice for Mcgee, but he’s assured he’s made the right call. JD students are glad to see Mcgee stay and pass on his passion for art.