Dorian is Coming in Full Force

Category 5 hurricane came to wreak havoc on the Bahamas and Florida Coast.


Map of Hurricane Dorians path.

Over the past week, there has been a huge worry to the citizens of the Bahamas and Florida. This worry is Hurricane Dorian. Even though Utah is more than a thousand miles away we are still feeling the worry of the Hurricane making its way to the coast of Florida. For the past two days, the storm has been stuck on top of the Bahamas and has only been moving two miles per hour towards Florida. Dorian has been reduced only to a category two, but the main concern is the fact that while Dorian is over the ocean it will start to gain speed again and become a higher category.

People all along the Florida coast from Miami to Jacksonville are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best right now. Hearing the news that Dorian might pick upwind speed again is scary for Floridians. This Hurricane is the biggest people have seen in years. 

When the Hurricane hit the Bahamas it was a category five which meant the winds were up to 157 miles per hour and it totally ripped up the Bahamas. After leaving the Caribbean it left 30 people dead and caused millions of dollars in damages. Dorian really stayed stagnant in the Bahamas for about a day and a half only moving one mile per hour. 

Boy looking out at the storm.

It passed Florida without causing a lot of damage, but right as it hit the Carolinas it caused major flooding and instant damage. The Juan Diego community has people who have family members being affected by Dorian right now. Those people wanted to keep how they feel under wraps but let’s just say they are feeling the effect of Dorian even from this far away. 

Hurricane Dorian is now heading away from the Carolinas and was reduced to a category one storm. We are all praying for those who have been affected. Fundraisers are going on and if you the reader is reading this, please go find out how you can help.