The Man Able to Dance Around the Problem


Mr. Melonas was working hard explained math to his students.

Math Genius, father, dancer, and runner. Mr. Mike Melonas is one of the very special teachers at Juan Diego and is appreciated by all. 

Mr Melonas put his face in the light to remind students not to cheat he will be watching.

Mr. Melonas can be known for a few things here, pushing a shopping cart, teaching calculus, and in some classes watching down on us, but he has been teaching math for many years now. “Instead of teaching all the classes I’m only teaching the AP calc AB and BC, which is a lot of fun. So I don’t do any kind of administrative role so it hasn’t changed, just being a teacher.” If you read the feature on Mr. Melonas that was on Speaking Eagle you know that he used to be a ballet dancer, and a marathon runner. He chose to be a teacher however. “You make a choice, the beginning of each year I make a choice… You don’t go halfway through and go ‘I don’t like it this sucks’, well okay don’t sign your next contract.” Mr Melonas has always been a loved math teacher, and each student hopes to get to calculus, not for the class, but his teaching.

Many students may never have a class with Mr. Melonas, but he is a one of a kind guy. He has been able to help students grow as people as well as a mathematician. “He showed me that even for a hard class like Calculus,” senior Omar Al-Jaafaris aid, “it can still be fun. He showed me that I don’t have to be serious all the time, that there are times to have fun.” Al-jaafari said. Mr. Melonas may not be seen as the best person with students, but because he’s passionate about what he teaches he has been able to help them academically.

Mr Melonas put Mr Sontums face over “The New Yorker” to joke around with him.

Not only is he regarded highly by students but also by his fellow teachers. He has shown that he cares and is passionate about so much, and has been able to help his fellow teachers grow. “He’s great, I love him, numbers,” Mr. Daniel Sontum said sarcastically when I asked him about Mr. Melonas. While it may not be apparent Mr. Sontum has been letting Mr. Melonas use his room for teaching calculus to upper class men. Mr Melonas had even printed Mr. Sontum’s face and he left it up for him. Also when walking into Mr. Sontums room if you look closely at his many New Yorker magazines he’s taped his face to one.

Mr. Melonas may seem scary at first but after you get to know him, he is one of a kind and possibly the most interesting guy at Juan Diego.