Ready, Set, Hit

The Juan Diego Football team is going through a dry spell. They are trying to reverse this so they can go to state.

The Juan Diego football team at their post game huddle after their first home game.

The Juan Diego football team at their post game huddle after their first home game.

Two straight losses. The Juan Diego Catholic High School Football team has lost two straight games. This is putting them closer and closer to the worst starting record in school history, 0-3. They have had two okay showings playing Bear River and Park City. The team is not happy about losing two in a row, knowing that they could have won those games. 

Juan Diego plays Skyline High School on Friday, at Skyline. They will be in hostile territory, and they will be playing a 5A school, where Juan Diego is only 3A, there will be another challenge. When head coach John Colosimo was asked about the positives from the past two games, he said, “Some of the positives are our defense has been very good and can still get better. Offense is always a little behind the “D” every year but I have high hopes for them to become a solid unit. Kick games have been good but could be great.” Though the offense is a little behind the defense the offense is coming along pretty well this season. 

In the three games the team has played, they have had three losses, putting them in uncharted territory under, they have not started a season 0-3 in the history of the school, which opened in 1999. “ Certainly we are disappointed but we have to keep in mind we are playing good teams,” Colosimo said. “I am never satisfied with our performance win, lose or draw. I always expect more and better and keep demanding that from our team.”

The Juan Diego football team at their post game huddle after their first home game.

This season has been turnover and penalty heavy for Juan Diego. In the first three weeks quarterback Justice Brusatto has thrown 5 interceptions. There have been 2 fumbles on the year, and in the game against Park City, there were 8 false starts and countless other penalties. Then in the game against Skyline punter Laurbong Gai had a record 6 punts and averaged 41 yards a punt, that included his massive 67 yard boot. 

Though the year has started out rough there is still a happy morale on the team. The players are ready to go practice Monday through Thursday each week and get better. When the team goes to run before breakfast and film on Saturdays, there is always laughing, joking, and upbeat music playing even if they had just lost the night before. It is even apparent to the coaching staff that the team is still in a good mood, “I think the morale of this team is excellent.” Colosimo said.  

The Juan Diego football team enters region play soon, and will match up against some teams that are more like them. They still have to play a big 6A school Copper Hills. That will be another strong defensive game for Juan Diego as this is a high powered offense. If they can come out and win that game, they should have the hype to go out and easily beat the region schools.