A Hard Fought Win

The varsity volleyball team takes their first game of the year, beating Cottonwood 3-2.

A pre-season crosstown showdown, a tough W for the volleyball girls.

Juan Diego’s Varsity volleyball team kicks off the preseason in their first game at Cottonwood High school, finishing them off in the fifth set. “Our first away game of the season showed us just how good our team dynamic is,” Senior Fabi Sosa said. “It made us even more excited to see how the rest of the season will go by.” Sosa continued.

Ciaran Carter (right) setting up for a return in the second match.

The beginning of the first match sparked a strong start for JD. After spending a short amount of time getting to 5-5, JD progressively established a larger lead, and before you knew it, the match had ended 25-14. This was in no small part due to junior Ciaran Carter (pictured right), the workhorse of the first match. “I was super excited because all the girls that played for Cottonwood were my cousins or past teammates,” Carter said. “ When you play someone you know, you wanna have fun but you also really want to win.” Carter finished.

The next set did have a slower time overall, and that in part was due to Cottonwood’s blocking prowess. Although this match was closer, JD managed to keep the lead throughout, and finished 25 – 19.

In the next match. Cottonwood rose to the challenge. “We thought we had it in the first half,” Senior Beverly De Niz said. “And then all of a sudden they were making a come back.” De Niz continued. The following two matches were much closer than before, both teams using up all their timeouts. Anxiety levels were rising, as JD kept pushing on, but Cottonwood was able to make their saves. After a 27-25 win in the 3rd, and a 26-24 win in the 4th, Cottonwood made true the phrase ‘They gave it their all.’

Laulea Tavake (lower left) takes a dive to save the ball in the third match.

The fifth set was a shining example of JD’s drive. To the disappointment of the crowd, hoping for a final confrontation, the match was closed out in a flash. After achieving a much-elongated win, The varsity volleyball team made a strong debut for the season. “My sister was playing for Cottonwood and in the end, she was crying because they ‘almost had us,’” Carter stated. “There was a lot of emotion and love out on that court, and that will shine on through for the rest of the season.” Carter finished.