5 Funny Websites to Spice up your School Day

Entertaining sites that will make your day less boring.

Image from koalastothemax.com

These are some random, yet entertaining websites that high school students will enjoy. JD students in particular will be able to enjoy these websites, especially with the new rules prohibiting cell phones. These websites are great to pass the time during lunch, a slow class, or even during your free time. Whether you spend five minutes or an hour on the websites, you are guaranteed to be entertained by at least one.

1. Pokemon Fusion

Image from pokemon.alexonsager.net

Pokemon Fusion is an application that allows you to, do as the title suggests, fuse Pokemon. You can create cool looking hybrids of legendary Pokemon, or try to make the funniest combinations by look or by name. Some of my personal favorite combinations were Mr. Wag (Poliwag and Mr. Mime), KingKing (Kingler and Seaking), and Farter (Farfetch’d and Haunter).

2. Openpuppies

Image from openpuppies.com

Everyone loves to watch adorable animal videos and I’m no exception. OpenPuppies allows you to view cute and funny videos and gifs of puppies with just the click of your spacebar. There are tons of videos of many different dogs, so you won’t get bored quickly.  

3. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Image from trypap.com

Passive Aggressive Password Machine is a very funny, sarcastic website that tests the strength of your passwords. When you type in a password, the machine comes at you with humorous sarcasm until you create an extremely strong password. Even after you make a strong password, the website still provides a sarcastic yet funny retort.

4. Koalas to the Max

Image from koalastothemax.com

Koalas to the Max starts off as one big gray dot until you move your cursor onto it. Every time you touch a dot, it splits into four more dots. After moving your mouse for a while, an image of a koala is created. This website will keep you captivated and entertained for a while and once you have finished, the picture is much more satisfying.5.What’s My Starbucks Name?

5. What’s my Starbucks Name?

Image from whatsmystarbucksname.com

Starbucks baristas are often known for messing up names on orders and this website highlights some of the best errors. You start by putting in your name and it will pull up drinks with mistakes similar to your name. I did this with many different names and was equally entertained by all of the results.