Getting Z’s in Class

Taking a look into reasons why students and maybe teachers sleep in class.


Deeper, deeper, asleep. Being tired is a huge part of every high school students life. A lot can contribute to this including not getting enough sleep, staying up late doing homework, or having practice the night before. There are so many reasons for students to not get the amount of sleep they need. A lot of the time though the place students are caught catching up on their sleep is in class.

Having to sit through a whole class of notes can make everyone a little tired, but for some people that is enough to put them to sleep. A lot of teachers notice students drifting off in their classes. “Sleeping students used to drive me crazy!” science teacher Ms.Wyman said “Now I have a little more compassion for the average teenager. Not only are most teenagers overbooked between clubs, sports, homework, and other extracurriculars, but most teens also don’t even secrete the natural sleepytime hormone melatonin.” Wyman explained. Being a student can be hard and having things going on outside of school can make it hard to get a good amount of sleep to get you through the day, so a class can be a good catch up time.

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to fall asleep in class. When teachers notice a student dozing off they sometimes stop a class to wake them up or a fellow student can wake you up and then you notice a lot of people looking at you. “There has been a couple of times where I have woken a just felt weird because I was being woken up by someone and they just kinda laughed,” Junior Mallory Deutsch said. “ Sleeping in class can feel good at the time, but after waking up it can be kinda embarrassing,” Deutsch said. A lot of people probably have experienced people laughing at you and sometimes it is not worth it to fall asleep when you might just get either embarrassed by a teacher or laughed at by students.

There are a lot of students who stay up into the late hours of the night to finish the large load of homework and end up falling asleep in class the next day. “There has been a lot of times where because of staying up late studying I have dozed off during a lecture or notes,” Sophomore Mason Romero said. “ It can be annoying because it turns into a catch-up game when you finally become awake enough to fully focus,” Romero finished. It can become extremely annoying to the student because teachers can give so much homework and because of extracurriculars and other commitments students cannot officially start their homework until later at night. Teachers can get so annoyed with students, but a lot of the time they do not realize that the homework they give out can be the fact that the students doze off in class.

At the end of the day, there can be so many factors to students falling asleep in class. Sometimes, it is because of the heavy load of homework causing them to not get enough sleep, or the person just gets tired easily. Every high school student has tried to sleep in class and next time a teacher or student sees them dozing off, just leave them be. This time can possibly be the only time to get more awake for the rest of the day. You might have to play catch up when you wake up, but those maybe five to ten minutes can be a lifesaver for the rest of the day. So just one thing to remember after taking a test or quiz is a prime time to get some shut eye and falling asleep an hour earlier the night before can make all the difference.