Marathon Runner, Ballet Dancer, and Math Teacher

Mr. Melonas has done it all.

Marathon Runner, Ballet Dancer, and Math Teacher

“I wasn’t afraid to work hard it wasn’t like other people where their brain works that way I just worked hard to get there.” Mr. Melonas worked for his math abilities. He knew that there was more job opportunities so he went for it. If you haven’t gotten to meet Mr. Melonas you’re missing out. He is the calculus teacher at Juan Diego and has been teaching there since the beginning. He truly is living his best life.

Mr. Melonas has ran 13 marathons. His favorite marathon was in St George, when he went over the bend he saw other runners and felt inspired by their dedication. “It was thrilling,” he said about his entire running experience. He even had a Boston qualifying time at about three hours and 30 minutes.  

Ballet was something Mr. Melonas picked up in his teens. He ended up touring Germany with Greenwich Ballet in association with American Youth Ballet. He did ballet for six or seven years. “You can’t get a job. Like you can be a brewista at a coffee shop which is fine but math is more stable.” Melonas said.

Not only running and ballet Mr. Melonas is a father of three. “I am the stereotypical older guy with younger kids,” Melonas continued, “I love being a dad. It’s a ride like how many older guys are rolling around on the floor throwing them in the air jumping in the pool; we are having fun.” He has a grown up son who is 21 but then decided to have kids again and has a daughter who is turning nine and has a son who is seven.

Mr. Melonas is truly living life to its fullest getting everything he possibly can out of it. He has truly proved that we can do whatever we set our minds to. With ballet, marathons, and kids there’s nothing he couldn’t do.