The Resurrection of ALEKS

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ALEKS is here to stay.

We’re sorry to break it to you, but ALEKS isn’t gone for good. After a week of students being free of the math program and celebrating its disappearance, it is due to return to our classrooms this week. And yes, sadly, that means students returning to Juan Diego next year will still have to complete topics over the summer.

On April 1st, a majority of ALEKS subscriptions expired and the math department was forced to deal without the program for the week. “This has impacted math teachers in different ways, depending on how much they utilized ALEKS on a day-to-day basis… this week I could not use ALEKS as a starter exercise. I just had to to paper assignments instead of ALEKS assignments,” math department co-chair Stephanie Sawyer, said. During the course of the week teachers had to readjust their coursework, but students enjoyed the vacation they got from the program. Sadly for students, this break from the math site is over. “I have just completed re-ordering so all students should be able to access ALEKS again,” Sawyer said, “Usually, Dr Duane orders our ALEKS, but he has been out of school and won’t be returning until May. I was caught off-guard, and had to learn about the ordering process, hence the delay,” she added in regards to the week without the program.

As for the future of ALEKS at JD, Sawyer believes the math department will continue to utilize the website. “The program is definitely not on the way out, because it has benefited our students in many ways: better retention of material, higher ACT Math scores, and less need for review when school starts so that students get the best math class they can get… We did discuss the cons that were mentioned in the [previous in-depth] article, mainly the cheating, but many of us believe that the benefits outweigh the cons. I have certainly reconsidered how I will assign the topics for next year, probably having more frequent due dates instead of such long stretches so that students don’t find themselves in the situation of having to try to do 50 topics in one day!” she concluded.