Debaters Have What It Takes To Win

Insight on the Juan Diego debate team, and what they do throughout the year.


Arguing is something everyone does, but debaters do it for fun. The Juan Diego debate team has competed in various places from Park City to Las Vegas, and even Arizona.

JDCHS Debate competing at Copper Hills High School.

Two speech and debate classes are offered at Juan Diego, Introduction to Speech and Debate, as well as Competitive Speech and Debate. Both classes are part of the debate team, but compete at different levels. “I started debate in the beginning of the year,” sophomore Isabelle Castellano said. “I thought it looked fun and I wanted to become a better speaker,” Castellano continued. The debaters are taught skills that help in how they present themselves like how speak in front of crowds. “My favorite part of debate is the fact that I learn a lot while still having fun,” Castellano finished.

There are different forms of debate, and events ranging from policy to public forum, and even original oratory. “In policy debate you get a topic at the beginning of the year and you debate it all year, so this years topic is on immigration,” sophomore Andrea Moreno said. Moreno started debate in the middle of her freshman year, and has continued taking part in the team. “My favorite part of debate is that I get to meet people that I never would, and I like traveling a lot. The other thing I like about debate is debate camp over the summer because it is such a fun experience that you can meet more people,” Moreno concluded. Debate camps are common during the summertime, and can help students gain experience towards college, and even get scholarships.

As well as learning how to speak in front of crowds, debaters also learn other important life skills. “In debate I’ve learned that there is always two sides to every story and realize that you need to always respect people’s opinions and feelings about certain issues, but also you learn how to speak more confident and persuasive,” Andrea Moreno finished.

With the accomplishments and achievements made, debate is a good way to grow skills that will help you in other places of your life that you never expected, it’s always worth a try.