Newest Local Indie Rock Band

A look into the Backseat Lovers, a new Utah band.


Members of the band: Josh Harmon- Lead singer/ guitar Jonas Swanson- Lead guitar/ vocals Juice Welch- Drummer + one more

The band started in 2017 and their first recorded music came out in early 2018. Now, their first full album was just released on January 27, 2019, and it was amazing to the few Salt Lake City fans who have heard it.

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The bands logo.

The band, The Backseat Lovers, new album ‘When We Were Friends’ was just released with some new songs and some of their latest singles. Their music is described as indie rock but the band says its a mix of all indie, rock, folk and some pop and the mix of genres sounds great. The album starts with the song ‘Watch Your Mouth.’ This song is energetic with its rock and indie influences. This song defines the band’s genre of music and is perfect for the beginning of the album. Although this song sounds as if it is on the topic of relationships, and the band name suggests that, all of their songs have different subject matters and music approaches.

For example, the song ‘Dugout’ starts slow tempoed and ends on energetic and fast tempoed music. The song ‘Olivia’, which shows up near the end of the album, is the album’s ballad. The song is slow and hints away from the rock-themed band. Each song is different in ways which make the music not seem repetitive and boring.  

The album concludes with ‘Sinking Ship’ which was an amazing song. It came out as a single in 2018 and fit right in with the rest of the album. This song has the best lyrics of the whole album. The line, “Your eyes used to wander, but now they sit in place, I’m sick of all of the nothing on your face” being one of my favorite lines along with, “Seems that every time the weather’s on our side, I turn it right back into rain.”

Image result for backseat lovers album cover
The bands cover for their album When We Were Friends.

The Backseat Lovers top songs, according to Apple Music, are ‘Intuition’, ‘Kilby Girl’, and ‘Watch Your Mouth’. These are all amazing songs. My favorites on the album would be ‘Pool House’, ‘Intuition’, and ‘Sinking Ship’. These three songs have amazing lyrics and although the lead singer, Josh Harmon, always sings beautifully, these three songs have the best vocals in the album.

The band’s fans are growing faster everyday, and they have amazing and fun concerts. They’re all local here in Utah. Prices range from 5 to 10 dollars, which is totally worth a 1 to 2-hour concert. Take time to listen to this album, you will not regret it.