Ink Up, Juan Diego

Juan Diego teachers talk about the cool tattoos they have.

Imagine walking into a new class, and there is your favorite teacher in a short sleeve shirt with tattoos all over their arms. Many teachers at Juan Diego have tattoos, but some of them are really pretty interesting.

I have a three leafed clover on the inside of my right ankle,” history teacher Mrs. Vanessa Jacobs said.  “Each clover is shaped like a heart for my three kids. My husband and I met on St. Patrick’s Day so on the 20th anniversary of us meeting, I got my tattoo and got Zia, which is a symbol for NM.” Mrs. Jacobs is a history teacher, and it’s cool to think that her tattoos show an important part of her life.

“Two that I would like to talk about are dedicated to my mom and brother,” health teacher Ms. Paige Cruz said. “My brother goes to school in New York and most likely will not move back to Utah, I chose to get one of his drawings, specifically a drawing of an astronaut, tattooed in order to always have him with me. The second is I have a Dia de los Muertos themed portrait of my mother that shows our heritage and the very strong bond I have with my mother.” Family is so important to many people, and they choose to remember them with a visual reminder.

“Most of them are math or science related,” math teacher Andrew Paulsen said. “The most significant of these tattoos are the broken music note and portrait of Frankenstein’s monster on my left forearm as well the aforementioned onion.”  Sometimes the tattoos people get me seem like there isn’t anything special, but that’s not always the case. Tattoos range from personal to something for fun

Teachers often surprise us in many ways, between lesson plans and the tattoo’s they have. Hey are really an embodiment of how we should view people.