Perfect Pastries

The Chocolate has more to offer than just cakes and cookies.

There has been a ongoing debate on where to get the best pastries, and it’s finally been settled. The Chocolate, off of Redwood is the best place to get cookies, warm desserts, and enjoy a cozy little house.

Their cookies are amazing, and they have a huge assortment of chocolates. They specialize in sugar cookies, with the perfect amount of frosting as well as just enough cookie to balance out the sugar overload. Each season they have new designs; for summer they have cookies made to look like flowers. Year round they have a pinky sugar cookie with light pink frosting. They keep the classic chocolate chip cookies, as well as some new kinds, like a turtle cookie.

Everyone loves a warm cookie with ice cream, and while The Chocolate offers that. They also offer a warm brownie with ice cream and your choice of syrup. It compares a chocolate lava cake, but just a little bit better. They also offer a unique, sweet potato dessert that also has ice cream. They have the perfect desserts to share with anyone.

The aesthetic of The Chocolate is a cozy little house, giving the feel of a living room. It has bright lighting to take pictures of cookies and desserts. They have shocking green plates and bowls so that the actual cookie or dessert will stand out. The house is split up into four parts. There is the cashier, then couches, a little room with a big table, and another room with a few tables for couples.

Overall, The Chocolate is a great place to go for dessert with your friends, parents, or even a date. With cheap prices, an easy to find location, and wonderful desserts to choose from, The Chocolate has it all.