Making Marvelous Men

The newest club is giving boys important tools that can be taken to adulthood.


The newest club at Juan Diego has done very well to make themselves known, but what is its purpose? The brand new Iron Eagle club is a club dedicated towards the transition into manhood for high school boys.

This club was suddenly started during the middle of the year and invites were sent to boys, but this club was created with a great purpose. “We wanted to create a club that teaches boys how to be men physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially,” club advisor and teacher Tana Vea said. This club is based off the need for development in a student’s high school years so they will be ready for the world ahead.

The club is still developing, but during this stage, they are trying to spread awareness that the club has been made. “We have done two big activities, the first one was a teamwork physical activity and the second big one was running the arm wrestling tournament,” Vea said. This arm wrestling tournament was a very big event around school, with funny skits taking place after reading breaks and teachers even offering extra credit to join in the fun. Winners of this tournament also received prizes, which served as another incentive to join along.

Members have also enjoyed this club and all that it entails. “Iron Eagle has helped me to become a better man by showing me ways to present myself,” Sophomore club member Donovan Fox said. “It has been very beneficial to me because it allows me to become a better person by learning from example from the mentors that help us,” Fox said. Student improvement and benefit is huge within this club and it has been felt amongst the members. 

The growth isn’t always individual, but the club promotes community growth as well. “It’s helped me meet new people and helped me learn new things about myself and how I can grow into a better man and learn about others,” Sophomore club member Keegan Gilbert said. The activities have also played a large part in the bonding within the club. “We did a ‘shark island activity,’ which I enjoyed because we learnt a lesson about teamwork and being able to lean on others for support.” Gilbert said.

The Iron Eagle club has been a big success so far and will continue to help young men benefit as long as it lasts, whether it be through meetings or more activities.