Terrific Talent Show

This year’s showcase was undeniably the best in the school’s history.


Dancing teachers, funny award shows, and beautiful singing were all elements that made this year’s talent show amazing. This show in particular did not disappoint; in fact, it was amazing in terms of student participation, performances, and the subtle humor thrown in throughout. The headlining act was not performed by students, though, but rather by teachers and students.

The first act was performed by junior Ben Sykes, senior Ben Poynor, Mr. Paulsen playing guitar, while fellow teacher Mr. Murphy played the drums in the back. “We wanted to rework a song all the students would be familiar with…, a heavy metal version of Sanctuary was perfect for that,” Andrew Paulsen said.

This composition started off with a song that many students didn’t recognize, but quickly turned into Sanctuary, a song every Juan Diego student recognizes. This composition was not made overnight and obviously took lots of practice. “We have been practicing steadily for about a month on this piece, about an average of two rehearsals a week and in some cases more.” John Murphy said. This work definitely paid off, as the musicians walked off with smiles as they received a standing ovation.

Sykes performed in two events, which included the rendition of Sanctuary, as well as “I will Follow,” with freshman Carson Mrozinski. He has performed in past talent shows and always looks cool as ice when he is performing. “When I do become nervous, I remind myself of what Bono, the lead singer of U2 once said; ‘Rock N’ Roll isn’t about hitting the right notes, it’s about a feeling inside you that you want to get out.’” Sykes said

Many puns and funny events were placed throughout. These included a football team ribbon dance, a best-dressed contest which had a mistake winner, and a meme page award, but unfortunately the winner didn’t accept the award. Even the football coach got up on stage and danced for an act.

This talent show was a huge success, and even the Dean of Students Sam Salts said it was one of the best talent shows in Juan Diego’s history. These acts impressed students and faculty alike and made for a fun-filled two hours.