Flipping Into Competition Season


Juan Diego cheer performs at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies, but have you seen them compete? With their first competition on November 17, the competition cheer team has been preparing for the season for quite some time, going all the way back to June. The teams at competitions are judged on motions, tumbling, jumping, stunting, dancing, and overall showmanship.

The newest, and youngest member of the team, sophomore Emily O’Nash, was put on just a few weeks ago. “I’m really looking forward to competing, different stunts, traveling, and learning new skills,” O’Nash said. “With the short amount of time I’ve had, it hasn’t been too difficult to learn and keep up. I just practice, go over things in my head even when I’m not in practice, and knowing where I need to be by the time we compete,” O’Nash continued.

The team will be traveling to Las Vegas for Jamz Nationals in mid-February on top of their normal schedules with cheering at school sporting events. “We cheer at different games, then some days we have a practice at UXC, our gym,” sophomore Emily O’Nash said. “Sometimes we have a practice midweek or a little practice before a game,” O’Nash finished.

Busy schedules, routines, and hair bows aren’t the only things that make up the team. Hard work and leadership is a big factor in the matter too. Coaches are very important and help the team get things done and continue to develop in character and skill. “As a coach the most rewarding thing to see is athletes growing in their individual athletic abilities, becoming a good teammate and showing personal growth,” head coach Tracie Tatum said. “The competition team has had to overcome many obstacles this year and they have handled it with integrity, determination, and grace. They have shown that they are a family that supports and encourages each other,” Tatum finished.

The cheer team is always supporting other teams and groups around the school, so be sure to support them in their season.