How to Get Tan as a Redhead

It's hard to do anything but burn as a ginger, but you can do it.


The life of a ginger is quite interesting. We are known for being crazy white and burning super easily. Being ginger, I have taken it upon myself to defy people’s expectations and have a few tricks to make any ginger quite a few shades darker.

The most important thing I have learned is to progress slowly. If you go lay out in the sun all day, you will burn, no matter how much sunscreen you use. Starting out going to a tanning salon and laying in the lowest level bed exposes your skin to the same rays as the sun, but in very safe, controlled levels. This will teach your skin to better absorb the sun and tell it to release melanin, a hormone in your skin that causes you to be tan and burn less. Not only do you want to do this regularly, but you want to also use a tanning lotion so you don’t dry out and burn. I would suggest the lotion COCO NUTZ by ‘Supre’ it’s cheaper than a lot of others, works great and smells delicious. When your body is used to the low level bed you are tanning in, move up a level. I would suggest starting this in the winter so that in the summer you can be less worried about burning and have the ability to take in the sun in.

Another important component of tanning is sunscreen. When you go outside, you will burn if you do not use it correctly. Use a stronger sunscreen on your shoulders, ears, and any other place that tends to burns more for you. For the rest of your body, use a light tanning sunscreen to protect while allowing you to slowly tan. I would suggest ‘Banana Boat Ultra Mist Dry Oil Broad Spectrum Sun Care’ in SPF 8.

At times, burning is inevitable being a ginger, so don’t worry if you get burnt. Don’t panic.  Take care of it quickly so you don’t lose your tanning progress. Right after you realize you are burnt, take a cold shower as cold as you can bear and sit in the cold water for as long as you are able. After we burn, the heat stays in our skin and keeps burning us for quite a while afterwards. After you shower, apply aloe vera and ice packs. If you plan in advance, you can freeze your aloe vera in ice cube trays and get a two for one.  

Also sometimes it’s okay to take the loss of tanning slowly and get a spray tan. You can go into your salon and ask for a spray tan and you will definitely look tan. Just make sure you leave it on as long as possible, but never go anywhere important without showering it off first. You can also use the special lotions and body washes, I would suggest ‘Norvell’ to make it last as long as possible.

In the end, it may be frustrating to be a ginger, but being unique is worth it. You can do our best to get tan, but we all know gingers freckle better than anyone else. You can always work to be a little bit tanner. Don’t let your whiteness defeat you.