A Journey Through the Minds of Different Superheros

The new movie, 'Glass,' takes comic book ideas and turns them into reality.

Heroes can be created and destroyed. According to the new movie from the Unbreakable series, ‘Glass’ which came out on Friday, January 18th

and is definitely worth going and seeing. It gives a completely point of view to superheros and villains that is well rounded and entertaining. You could be a superhero and not know it.

The movie starts out with the main character Kevin Wendell, played by James McAvoy, holding a group of cheerleaders hostage threatening them with his alternate personality called “The Beast.” This personality is seen as the superhero or villain. He has “superpowers” that make him bulletproof, climb walls, etc.

Then David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis, who is working with his son in home security as well as working as a vigilante finds Kevin. After this encounter he goes in to save the cheerleaders that are being held hostage. “The Beast” is the personality present and the two fight, and caught by the police.

Amidst this all there is a psychiatric hospital that is court ordered for them to convince them they do not have

special abilities. Elijah Price, played by Samuel L Jackson, is already in this program and joins a group therapy with them. Elijah is in the program for being exceptionally smart to the point he shut down entire building and can easily memorize anything he hears or sees.

There are times where the main characters families visit and they add personality to the characters and their situations. They attach you to the main characters and help you see them through compassionate eyes.

The movie is very captivating. When it seems to be dying out, there is a new event to draw your attention. The emotional connection to the characters throughout the movie is very strong and they take you on an emotional roller coaster. The character that you start out hating you end up loving and the ones that you like you end up hating. They change your perception continuously without feeling disorganized.

In the end, ‘Glass’ is captivating and worth your time to see. You will not only be entertained but your thoughts will be challenged. You may even need to rethink the way you see the world.