Cover Your Eyes, Another ‘Bird Box’ Meme

A review on the Netflix Original that has everybody talking.

Cover Your Eyes, Another 'Bird Box' Meme

There is no shortage of post-apocalyptic movies and the Netflix original movie, Bird Box, is not excluded. With big names like Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson, but with a score of 63 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it has caused lots of buzz in the past few weeks with crazy challenges and memes. How popular can one movie be before people get tired of it?

Bird Box draws from many other movies, such as A Quiet Place (2018) and Hush (2016) with the lack of senses and some omnipotent presence following the main characters. Although it was well made and had a solid plot, it was too hyped up for what it was. The movie was fairly predictable, and even with a few jump scares, it didn’t hold up to people’s high praises, being fairly long with not much except some key points that actually added to the story. “The movie was alright,” sophomore Emily O’Nash said, “but it didn’t hold up to people’s high opinions,” O’Nash continued.

For a few weeks, you couldn’t even open Instagram or Snapchat without seeing someone talk about, reenact, or make fun of Bird Box. The Bird Box Challenge began at the height of the movie’s popularity. The challenge consists of people covering their eyes with a blindfold like the characters from the movie would. Just a week ago, a girl from Logan participated in the challenge while driving and ran into another car, as well as a light pole. Due to challenges like this, a crackdown was set to YouTube that potentially dangerous videos could not be posted due to the sensitive material.

One sophomore, Payton Bouwhuis, participated in the challenge. “I only blindfolded myself and walked around my house with my friends,” Bouwhuis said. “I’m not dumb so I didn’t drive blindfolded, but it was weird not being able to see and having to rely on other senses,” Bouwhuis continued.

While the movie created a lot of buzz recently, the excitement will die out and people will realize that it is just sub par. While Bird Box had some good, quality moments and ideas, people rated it higher than it truly deserved.