Persistent Preparation

Juan Diego’s soccer players are preparing like champions for the upcoming season.


“I can’t wait for the season and I look forward to seeing where we will go this year.” This quote from sophomore Keegan Gilbert perfectly sums up the attitude of the players and coaches alike.  The boy’s soccer team has started conditioning and are preparing to bounce back from a hard-fought season ending loss against Park City. Very many seniors have departed, but there are still many previous varsity players returning to play, including Seth Blasingim, Antonio Ortega, Brayden Reid, and many more. To be prepared for the upcoming season, this year’s coach Daniel Cavar and his assistant coach Alex Saunders have been putting the boys through a rigorous exercise regime.

Many returning players have been working hard during their brief offseason to ensure that they meet their fitness goals. “I have been going to the gym frequently to build my muscle endurance and have been working on my technical ability,” said returning sophomore Keegan Gilbert. “I’m looking forward to the season and growing and improving as a team,” said Gilbert.

As well as old returning players there are many new ones, and they are not all freshmen. These new players are also preparing for the upcoming season. “It is a matter of getting in shape and having good chemistry. The team seems to be meshing pretty well so far,”said newcomer sophomore Matthew Osmundson. “This is my first year playing high school, so I am hoping the previous players can help me join this family that is Juan Diego soccer,” continued Osmundson.

In order to make the team for the 2018-19 season, you must have a high soccer IQ, which essentially means that the players must have the ability to comprehend the game at a high level and have a natural understanding of their positions. Physically, you must be able to complete 500 juggles in a row, run a sub 6:30 minute mile, run through level 12 on the beep test, complete 60 sit-ups in a minute, and complete 50 push-ups in a minute. These tests are to ensure that the players are in peak physical performance.

The Juan Diego soccer boys are preparing with a state championship in mind, and their attitude and commitment shows on the field. Although the difficult conditionings have been no easy task for any the players, they are paying off and will definitely show at the start of the season.