Primary Children’s Fundraiser

The results of a drive held for a great cause.

This past week, Juan Diego held a fundraiser for the children at Primary Children’s Hospital. This fundraiser was a collaboration with all of senate, student government and social justice taking part. Throughout the week, various items such as toys and coloring books were collected in an effort to brighten up the children around Halloween. A spirit dress also took place to create additional funds. An incentive was offered to the students in the form of a free spirit dress if the quota for 300 of each item was met. Although this quota was not met, the drive was still an overall success.

The week started with an emotional speech about a student’s brother that passed away in the care of Primary Children’s. She said although he had passed, he passed away happily. This was in an effort to motivate students, and I felt moved listening to it. Then, there were prompts over the intercom and emails sent out to encourage as many donations as possible. Some of the items included in the donation list were books, toys, and stuffed animals. The drive was also extended, which allowed some more time for donations to come in.

Sophia Gulgulian, a student that helped to organize the drive, said “With the collaboration of each, we all worked our hardest to fulfill the needs of the children and our own personal goal.” Gulgulian went on to say “The items and money collected will be greatly appreciated by the children currently in the hospital.”

Maria Pastrana, another student that helped to organize the drive, said “We had high expectations. We thought together as a school we could reach a goal of 300 per item. Even though we didn’t reach our goal we are still really happy because the kids will get some toys to play with while they’re not able to go out for Halloween.”

Overall, although the quota was not met for items, the drive was still a big success because the children will get new items to enjoy over the holidays. Juan Diego was able to gather together as a community to support an amazing cause.