Guest Speaker Madness

The way Juan Diego does assemblies needs to change.

First social media and now chastity- what’s next? Lately, there has been a sudden increase of the number assemblies that we have had. Here at Speaking Eagle, we believe there are multiple issues that need to be recognized within them. They interrupt reading, they are not taken seriously, they interrupt the normal flow of our school schedule, and there is no follow up or changes in out school.

Juan Diego’s administration puts a lot of value in reading period the benefits of reading. With the assemblies we have had lately, we do not have reading period on these days. This takes away from students plans to get reading for classes done. Whether or not students are willing to admit reading period is helpful, it gives us time to read in school as most students are less likely to read at home.

The Diocese of Salt Lake City has been scheduling these assemblies for us. The administration does not have much say about the fact that we are having these assemblies. With that being said it makes it impossible to get rid of these assemblies. The only thing we can do is incorporate them better.

When we have these assemblies, we don’t have any follow up. Most students sit in the auditorium and don’t listen to the speaker. After the assemblies, we don’t do anything about what is said within the assembly but make jokes and never reap any of the benefits.

All in all, if we are going to have assemblies they need to be better planned out and we need to follow up about the content of the assembly afterwards. We shouldn’t waste money and time on something that has little to no effect on JD students.